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Sauces & Rubs

Sauces and Rubs


Lunch Meals


Burgers come with choice of french fries or sweet potato fries. (Available Monday - Saturday 11AM-4PM)

Starters & Sides

Starters & Sides


All Kabobs are served with choice of potato along with Caesar Salad or Salad Bar, FP kabobs are packed with fresh bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, & mushrooms.


All combos are served with your choice of steak fries, sweet potato fries, rice, baked potato, sweet baked potato, or garlic mashed potatoes. Add dinner salad or Caesar salad for an additional $1.99. Add one trip salad bar for an additional $2.99.

Sides & Veggies

Add a fresh side or vegetable to your meal.

Other Good Eats

We get it, sometimes you just don't want a steak. Each of these entrees is served with your choice of potato (except pasta) and your choice of Caesar salad or salad bar.

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